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The Other Bar is an experiment in Radical Equality, designed to take a bite out of poverty through the simple act of buying a chocolate bar.

Powered by the UNDP and FairChain Foundation.

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The first step in radical equality is to buy The Other Bar, the second is scan the token in the pack and help a farmer buy a cocoa tree. When scanned it’s equivalent to a quarter of a cocoa-producing tree. So for every four bars bought, a farmer can grow more, earn more and feed his family thanks to a fairer system.

There’s a twist. You don’t have to spend the token on a tree, you could use it to get 25p off your next purchase. Either way, it’s a win win for farmers.

Farmers only get 3% of the value of the cocoa used to make the chocolate sold in shops, which leads to the majority of cocoa farmers not earning living incomes. 

The Other Bar ensures farmers are paid prices that meet real income needs – and they receive it faster. 

Chocolate is an £80 billion global industry and Brits chomp through a whopping 8.4kg of it every year. That popularity means more countries want to grow it, and more competition means the market price for cocoa falls, in fact it’s collapsed by 40%. Another blow to a cocoa farmer’s living wage.

We believe in a living income and a sustainable future for cocoa farmers. That’s why we give you the choice to spend your token on a cocoa tree.

The Other Bar is produced in Ecuador at an independently-owned factory. By making the chocolate at source, we can increase the experiment’s impact. Higher wages for farmers, more trees for the planet, more jobs, training, skills and opportunities for people. That’s radical equality in action.

You don’t have to take our word for it, spend your token and see exactly how much the farmer was paid for the cocoa in your bar, and the exact GPS location of the cocoa tree that your token buys.

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This blockchain powered token has real value. Our cash is yours to spend how you want. We’re not just another do-good brand asking for your trust. We say trust yourself. So go forth and join our experiment to get your first token. Follow @tob.equal and demand radical change from all your brands.

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